Real Cider Served Daily

ciderWe are pleased to announce we now serve Real Cider straight from the Cellar!

What is real cider?

The definition of real cider is quite simply a drink made from whole apples that have been pressed and then fermented.

Not all real ciders are made in exactly the same way. Some producers put in extra fruit, sometimes even a different type of fruit, such as blackberries. Others will pasteurise or filter their ciders. We believe this doesn’t alter the fact that the cider remains ‘real’. Most of the ciders we will have are produced by artisan cider makers who have been producing cider for many years in the traditional way.

With real cider you will find the majority are organic, free of artificial colours, acids and antioxidants

Real cider is suitable for a gluten-free, vegan and coeliac diet – See more at:

All details subject to change without notice E&OE.

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